About Us

The company develops and commercialises a CRS (Central Reservation System) on a global scale. The complete suite includes a Booking Engine, Synchro Channel Manager, a Metasearch Manager, a CRO (Central Reservation Office), GDS Connectivity and Representation, Marketing and Intelligence Tools, and Applications (iOs/Android). The suite is available as a complete package or each module can be purchased separately.

The company also develops and distributes reservation software, DMS, for destinations and Tour Operators.

The applications are global:

  • Translated into 29 languages
  • Can be used in any time zone
  • Users in more than 80 countries
  • Works with all world currencies
  • Vertical Booking is a member of HTNG
  • Supports all major credit cards and the main Banking Gateways
  • Vertical Booking is compliant with PCI DSS


Software Development

Technical assistance

Commercial areas


22115 NW Imbrie Street, NBR 326
Hillsboro, OR  97124
Ph. +1 503 343 4263
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U.S.A., Canada, Alaska, Caribbean

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80 The Greenhouse
MediaCityUK, Manchester M50 2EQ, United Kingdom
Ph. +44 (0)161 713 3831
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Global Sales & Marketing
EMEA, Asia Pacific, South America

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18, rue Pasquier 75008 Paris, France
Ph. +33 1 74 18 01 75
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France, North Africa
Eastern Europe
Northern Europe

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Vertical Booking srl
Viale Fratelli Kennedy, 21, 24066 Pedrengo BG (ITALY)
Ph. +39 035 232366
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Italy, Southern Europe
Germany, Switzerland
Turkey, Middle East, Russia

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Company Governance

The Vertical Booking Strategy and Development Committee is responsible, at group level, for defining the guidelines for managing the group. The Committee consists of Angelo Guaragni - CEO Vertical Booking Srl - and of Mark Lewis Brown, Christian Lepom.

Mark Lewis Brown

CEO Vertical Booking USA

Mark Lewis Brown

Mark Lewis Brown is responsible for the commercial development of the Vertical Booking platform in the Americas and in the United States in particular, and is involved in key decision making regarding the strategies and development of the group.

Mark also coordinates the development of products and applications for the U.S. market and for hotel chains.

He has over 25 years’ experience in the hospitality sector.

Christian Lepom

COO Chief Operating Officer

Christian Lepom

In his role as COO, Christian is in charge of the operational management of the company with particular attention to the coordination of the development and customer care teams.

Christian also coordinates the management of international key accounts and partners.

Mission statement and core values

Mission Statement

The hospitality sector is one of the most complex and rapidly evolving markets there is. Our mission is to provide software solutions that are simple to use and at the same time sophisticated and adaptable enough to handle the growing complexities of the sector.

The passion for our work and the hospitality sector drives us to follow our clients closely, listen to them and create the features they need for their specific situation. We want to be available at all times to offer polite and friendly customer support.

This is the reason we are proud to say:

We are the good guys
Core Values
  • Innovation
    Creating innovative solutions with passion, creativity and with the courage to be different. Solutions that are reliable, fast and continually evolving to satisfy the increasingly sophisticated needs of the hospitality market.
  • Team drive
    Since we understand that the team is the company’s most important asset, we are strict about hiring only the best talent and supporting them in their professional and personal development. Motivation and innovation come easily with recognition, stimulating responsibility, and professional development.
  • Growth
    High commitment to the continual growth of the company so that we can offer increasingly sophisticated solutions for customers and development prospects for partners, employees and shareholders.
  • Integrity
    Commitment to working with integrity, honesty and with respect to the law, especially regarding privacy, competition and data protection.