Vertical Booking CRS

What is a CRS ?

The “traditional definition”
A CRS (Central Reservation System) is a software tool created to connect a property or chain to the GDS (Global Distribution System), which connects over 600,000 Travel Agents, Consortia and Corporate Customers all over the world, the IDS (Internet Distribution Systems) consisting of online Travel Portals, online Wholesalers and the leading Tour Operators, and any Call Centres connected to the hotel. All this in a single system, which also includes the online BE (Booking Engine) for the hotel’s official website.

Put briefly, it is a “distribution system”.

But... only platforms with integrated GDS distribution are real CRSs: other platforms are “collages” of the various components!

You mustn’t confuse software that is a collage of third party modules with a real CRS!


Only software providers with integrated GDS distribution can truly offer reliable service, effective consultancy and good results!

Vertical Booking CRS 3.0

Vertical Booking is a CRS because it offers distribution on GDSs like a “traditional” CRS, but, on top of that, it also has a range of features that make it the most complete and user-friendly system on the international market.

What makes the Vertical Booking CRS special?

1 - The integrated Synchro Channel Manager

Other CRSs have some so-called “direct connections” to the main channels (Expedia, and a few others) and use external providers or separate pieces of software for the other channels (including very important wholesalers). Vertical Booking uses the Vertical Booking Channel Manager, in its own right a recognised global leader in Channel Management, which is totally integrated in the platform!

The advantages:

  • The platform includes more than 200 reliable and guaranteed “direct connections” to channels
  • Updating is almost in real time
  • The user only has one extranet for all services, including channel management
  • The system, and the technical assistants, know the characteristics, the potential, and the right selling strategies for each channel !

2 – The integrated Metasearch Manager

The Vertical Booking CRS includes a Metasearch section that can provide prices and availability to the Metasearch engines (Google, TripAdvisor, Trivago etc.) in real time.
Thanks to a specially designed "SPECIAL CACHE", based on new database technology, the system is able to answer thousands of requests per minute required by the main Metasearch engines like Google HPA and TripAdvisor.

Other advantages are:

  • No additional costs required if external Metasearch Managers are used
  • More reliability due to the fact that it does not need an interface between two systems
  • The system, as a part of the platform, takes into account all restrictions and discounts applied, such as min stay through, early booking discounts, etc.
  • It includes a reporting system to monitor investments and measure the ROI
  • Consultancy services are available from the same people involved in CRS and channel management
Vertical Booking - Metasearch

3 – The integrated advanced Booking Engine

The Vertical Booking Engine is simply outstanding in terms of conversion performance and its graphic layout, which is perfectly adaptable to the property’s own website.

Thanks to the innovative technologies applied, the booking engine gives potential guests an immediate response every time, which is easy to understand and complete. Even when there’s no availability, the system proposes bookable dates showing the prices and any minimum stay applicable. Never a negative answer, the system always offers a solution!

4 – The integrated special Marketing Tools

Vertical Booking CRS includes several Marketing tools, again integrated in the same system, which allow the hotelier to increase conversion and revenue.

They include:

  • Innovative tools to measure conversion, both for the Booking Engine and for the GDS
  • New upselling tools
  • Intelligence tools, such us a competitor Rate Checker and a Guest Review System
  • Connection to several Revenue Tools

These and other features make the Vertical Booking CRS the most innovative and effective solution on the market!

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